In 2008 we founded in Thessaloniki the United Societies of Balkans (Ενωμένες Κοινωνίες των Βαλκανίων), which has since been supporting youth activities and cultural events in the city.

In 2018, 10 years later, we created a space for creativity and personal expression in Thessaloniki’s historical center. Balkan Heart awaits your visit at Agias Sofias and 8 Alexandrou Delmouzou str. for a seminar, a workshop or a cultural or community event.


Come join our gang!

Our Facilities

Balkan Heart is open to the public and is made available to any organization or private citizen that wants to put together educational, entertainment or cultural events. Our spaces can also be leased for seminars, conferences or meetings.

The green room holds 25 people
and is accessible to people with disabilities.
The red room
holds 40 people.

25 people

20 people

40 people

60 people

The blue room
holds 20 people.
The purple room is basically the red and blue rooms unified
and can hold 60 people.

For reasons of safety and protection against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the blue and red rooms are rented only as a single room.

Pricing Policy

Leasing  the green room costs 5€/hour + VAT. Weekends and holidays +2€/hour
Leasing the purple room costs 11€/hour + VAT. Weekends and holidays +2€/hour
Leasing both green and purple room at once costs 15€/hour + VAT. Weekends and holidays +2€/hour
The basic room availability is 09.00-18.00. If your events needs to extend beyond this, you should let us know at least 10 days in advance.
If you need our space for more than 8 hours per day, there is a 10% discount on the daily charge.
If you lease our space for many days, or in case of a more stable arrangement, a special lower charge can be negotiated.
Groups and organizations that have perform social work and support the city and its vulnerable citizens are charged lower rates.
The aforementioned prices include seating, air conditioning and any technical means that Balkan Heart can provide, as analyzed in the next section.

Balkan Heart supports every event in the best way by offering seat availability, heating / cooling costs, logistical support, creation of promotional material, as well as the possibility for coffee breaks. The above are defined by consultation and depending on the needs arising from the respective action.

Equipment and Services

The Balkan Heart Multiuse Space can support your event or educational activity with the following equipment and services.

Technical Equipment

Our space is fully equipped to serve your event. In more detail:

Complete audio-visual installation and e-learning support for conferences.

The audio-visual equipment already present is made available to you at no extra charge (cameras, video cameras, microphones etc.)

Computer networking capability

Projector and projector screen for presentations

Cable and Wireless internet access throughout the premises

Large work benches for crafts workshops                                                                         Wooden floor, carpet and large mirrors, ideal for theatrical and dance groups

If you require some special equipment not mentioned or if you want to bring your own, contact us to discuss the needs of your event.

Services & Provisions

You can also make use of the following services and options to enhance your event:

In every room a refreshments buffet can be installed

Possibility to offer coffee break

Secretary at the entrance of our facilities and capability of secretarial support at each individual room.

Preparation, provision and organization of materials necessary for each event (folders, stationary etc.) at extra cost, provided there is advanced notice

A fully equipped and functional kitchen on both floors of our facilities.

One restroom on each floor. There is no bathroom that can serve people with disabilities.

Air conditioning and ventilation in all spaces of our facilities. The state standards regarding the criteria for excretion and ionization in the framework of prevention measures against coronavirus are met.

You are at your disposal for any question or clarification; you can also visit our facilities so we can discuss first-hand the needs and requirements of your event.